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Everyone in this world has a social entity and therefore, they are obliged to follow certain social norms and perform their duties as human beings. Society creates the social identity and it defines the social roles. Hence, responsibility towards the sustainable growth of mankind should be inclusive in every action being performed. This consciousness leads to the formation of Prajñā.

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To promote research in the areas of neurodegeneration and brain health. To initiate discourses and research on social neurosciences. To improve the quality of life for people who suffers brain injuries or acquired brain injuries.



A responsible society with collective consciousness to improve the quality of life and thereby promotes the brain health.


Prajñā is a vision by a group of professionals who made an unconventional decision to knit academics and civil society, ensuring a platform for the exchange of knowledge through comprehensive approach that comprise of conferences, workshops, community brain health intervention programs, awareness programs, public events, certificate course on community health care, counseling, memory clinics, memory walk, research and formation of brain health advocates at grass root level.Social responsibility of Prajñā describes the way we make differences to the social understanding of brain health and nervous system. Prevention of neurodegenerative diseases conditions and promotes the quality of life are the major goals of Prajñā.


Udbodh by Prajñā of Centre for Neuroscience, CUSAT is a novel attempt at bringing awareness to our society and helping those who are eduring this condition. Our initiative is a coordinated effort by academic institutions, government as well as community based organizations to build a well informed, healthy and resilient society. People who are living with dementia experience serious deprivation in the society and therefore, effective intervention is essential to provide them a safe and secure life.

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Centre for Neuroscience,
Department of Biotechnology,
Cochin University of Science & Technology,
University Road, Kalamassery, Cochin-682022

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